Pregnancy Testing & Options. Friendship & Support. Maternity & Baby Supplies.

Pregnancy Testing & Options. Friendship & Support. Maternity & Baby Supplies.

Our Services

Am I really Pregnant?

Do you think you might be pregnant? Pregnancy Concerns provides free pregnancy testing.

Each client performs her own test with guidance from a peer-counsellor. Results are available within ten minutes.

What are My Choices?

If this pregnancy was unplanned, your choice may be a difficult one and you owe it to yourself to make the one that’s right for you. No two situations are the same.

Pregnancy Concerns offers a safe place for you to talk about the pressures you face and the different responses you may be getting to your pregnancy. Trained peer-counsellors will provide information and help you explore all your options (parenting, adoption, and abortion), allowing you to make an informed decision.

Maternity & Baby Supplies

At Pregnancy Concerns we provide maternity and baby supplies to assist our clients, for up to two years after their baby is born. These are available at no charge.

Support Services

Pregnancy Concerns peer-counsellors can help you find additional free or inexpensive resources in the community.

Our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental. We also offer ongoing friendship and support, and if needed, can refer you for extra support or counselling.

Post Abortion Counselling

An abortion can affect a woman in a variety of ways and at various times in her life.  Some women feel relieved initially while others suffer emotionally.  It is difficult to predict someone’s response to their abortion in the short or long term.

Post abortion grief can be affected by a woman’s age, stage in pregnancy, emotional and mental health, religious or cultural beliefs, or whether she felt she was pressured into having an abortion. Peer-counsellors are available to help you work through post abortion grief, no matter what your situation or how long ago your abortion was, we are here for you.

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