Pregnancy Concerns is staffed by a team of trained volunteers under the supervision of a Director and Executive Board of the Community Pregnancy Concerns Society. Most volunteers do not have academic degrees in counselling; therefore the counselling provided is not intended as a substitute for professional counselling. We offer information; emotional and spiritual support; and practical help.

Pregnancy Concerns is not a medical facility. The centre does not make diagnoses, perform or refer for abortions, and does not provide birth control devices.

For your protection, we discourage you from sharing personal details about your situation by email as we cannot guarantee the security of email communications due to the nature of the internet. In granting us permission to reply to your email, please consider that confidentiality may be compromised if others can access  your email. Information in emails sent to the centre, are treated in the same confidential manner as the information given by clients who visit or call us.

Pregnancy Concerns website provides links to other sites to help people seeking help. However, we cannot take responsibility for their content or privacy practices.